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The CSC wild pages are the unofficial home pages for the department.

See also the official Arts & Science departmental web pages.

Departmental Information Infrastructure

The computer science department participates fully in the academic and research community of computing by running standards-based, open software platforms, and participating in the global network of internet services.

Facilities are provided for students to work in a network of Linux or Microsoft workstations, either as a client or by remote login. The department’s resources are accessible to the student from anywhere by using a variety of network-aware software and cloud-like services.

The main computing platforms are Linux and FreeBSD, with individual workstations running Linux, OS X and Windows. Thanks to a tiered architecture of network access, the department offers the most unrestricted computing environment on campus, for students to learn and explore. The infrastructure is described in this white paper.

The department uses FreeBSD and Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu distro’s of Linux.

The department runs a multi-level security architecture defined in 2001 (see white paper) to provide students with developer level access to local and world-wide-web resources. This architecture was prescient, and we have been able to build on it in an increasingly Web 2.0 environment.

In January of 2010, the department partnered with the Center for Computational Sciences to offer to students and faculty whose class or research projects require a web application the facilities of a farm of “edge-servers”, sand-boxed servers with a public IP and tiered back-end services.

The infra-structure was augmented with a cloud-service DNS on June 26, 2011.

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