CSC onramp to UM’s high speed Science Lambda

June 6, 2017

Sickles, Armistead and Rosecrans form our scientific compute cluster. In order that they scale to the full CCS resources, we synchronize our Linux distro with theirs. They are in an NIS cloud with NFS mounted home directories to give uniform access to all machines. Sickles also has a K80 GPU.

To support big data, CCS as provided access to the UM Science Lambda, a high speed, research dedicated network, that will take the science cluster computers’ data packets direct to massive storage downtown at the NAP of the Americas.

This week we went live with that link, and here are the preliminary numbers:

Writing a 2G file

  • Sickles local disk: 1.97 seconds
  • Rosecrans mounted from sickles: 22.61 seconds
  • Sickles mounted from the CNAS: 26.8 seconds

While local disks are 10 times faster, there is only modest overhead to mounting our storage from downtown (6.5 miles away) than from a machine only 2U away in our server room.

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