Ewell migration file layout and link migration

June 7, 2017

Since about 2000, homepages of CSC are served by a tiered architecture that spans three security levels. The machine implementing www.cs.miami.edu is in a CSC DMZ (an area of internet facing machines that employs firestops to mitigate compromise). However the files originate on the machines that handle department home directories.
The files are provided from the file server to the web server by NFS.

This sometimes causes confusion, as the export rebases the path to the files. It is a bad idea to ever believe that an interior path to a web page will be the same as the way that page is addressed as a URL. The two paths respond to very different requirements and constraints.

  • Mcclellan exports a file tree rooted at /exp/pub, and is mounted on beauregard as /fs/mcclellan/pub.
  • Ewell exports /opt/pub/htdocs and this is mounted on beauregard as /fs/ewell/htdocs.

So for better or worse, there is a slightly different naming conventions.

The layout of the mount points are consistent, with a csc and a home subdirectory. It is a deliberate coincidence that the external URL’s access these are www.cs.miami.edu/csc and www.cs.miami.edu/home. Under the home directory are the user directories for the user home pages.

The tilde convention is maintained by redirect.

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