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June 7, 2017

On July 25, 2015, revision 57 was made to that implemented the separation of csc web pages under the supervision of the College of Arts and Sciences and those which remain under the supervision of the department.

In order to increase the web appeal of the Arts & Sciences, the college contracted a professional web design company to redesign the A&S web pages. This included a standardization of not only look, but also content management; along with a narrowing of possible web technologies that a professor might use to present teaching and research.

To uphold the traditional values of academic expression, a split was proposed in the handling of content responding to the mission of the college’s redesign, and content that responds to the research group’s missions, professors and graduate students. Other web related services, such as this blog, would also continue outside of the redesign.

  • As every other department in A&S, the location would be populated and content managed according to A&S directives.
  • That would redirect there, giving the A&S location primacy in the experience of web visitors to the department.
  • But some locations, such as /home, would remain entirely on csc infrastructure.

The trick was to create rewrites and redirects in the http server configuration file that will send “naive” traffic, along with bare requests, to, and will redirect traffic for recognizable csc endpoints to the corresponding service within csc.

Revision 57 looked like this:

# the most important locations:
Alias /home /fs/mcclellan/pub/htdocs/home
Alias /csc /fs/mcclellan/pub/htdocs/csc

# convenience redirects
Redirect /blog
Redirect /aigames
Redirect /search

RewriteEngine On
# this rewrite catches bare /home requests
RewriteRule ^/home?/$ [R,L]
# this rewrite beautifies ~ as /home
RewriteRule ^/~(.*) /home/$1 [R]
RewriteRule ^/$ [R,L]

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