Minicourse in Unix and HPC

Hands-on minicourse in Unix and High Performance Computing to be held:

  • May 4: General Unix
  • May 6: High Performance Computing

at 1:00-3:00 PM, in Ungar 426, the computer laboratory of the Department of Computer Science.

We would like people to pre-register by completing the:

For hands-on, course is limited to 20 pre-registered.

The first day of the course will cover basic unix, with an emphasis on the skills needed to connect remotely to a High Performance Computing cluster, and working with the remote shell. Some graphical interfaces and logon options will be discussed.

The second day of the course will discuss the architecture and hardware of a cluster, how to install and use software packages.

Participants will use local Linux workstations¬†connecting remotely to the ares cluster pegasus cluster at the University of Miami’s Center for Computational Science.

Outline (seesion 1) (full class notes)

Outline (session 2)

  • Continues with topics specific to HPC and software installation
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