texture part 2

April 21, 2009

homework files is here.

I have updated texture/Main.java and mesh/Main.java and uploaded perspective/Camera.java.

Click here to run the program.   I had trouble bundling the Mandrill file with the application, and so if it can’t find the file, it asks you for the full path location on your computer.

prog12 homework due 11am Monday 27 April

April 21, 2009

prog12 homework is here.

Test out the Sudoku solver.

Xiao noticed a problem with the logic of the test() method.  Please read the NOTE after number 5 part d in the homework file.

prog12 lab

April 19, 2009

prog12 lab is here.

texture due Tuesday 21 April

April 17, 2009

This is a very simple texture mapping assignment.  We need to get technicalities out of the way in preparation for a more complicated task I will give you on Tuesday.

Homework is here.

prog11 homework due 11am Monday 20 April

April 14, 2009

prog11  homework is here.

I put the solution Sudoku.java in your prog11 folder.

Don’t forget to write test code for getBoxPositions just as you did for getRowPositions and getColPositions in the lab.

prog11 lab

April 12, 2009

prog11 lab is here.

perspective due April 14

April 9, 2009

Here is the software that permits you to grab a mesh.

Here are instructions for implementing it.

The files you need are here.

You should download mesh and pvmat as soon as I collect homework and upload them.

prog10 homework due 11am Monday 13 April

April 7, 2009

prog10 homework is here.

Test out Sukoku in your solutions directory:

java Sudoku

I put puzzle1 and puzzle2 in your directory as test files.

prog10 lab

April 5, 2009

prog10 lab is here.

Recursion in action.  Click on comic for full size.

More mesh due April 2

March 31, 2009

Here are instructions for the icosahedron.

For the practicum folks, here are instructions for the buckyball.

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